Solid support for quality management in the field

Quality management doesn’t end when a product leaves the building. In fact, quality assurance in the field is vital to your company’s reputation and relationships. That’s why TIPQA™ includes extensive functionality to support the customer service, aftermarket and field support processes.

TIPQA™ records customer feedback and the results of material inspection and rework processes. This may be done in the field or on material returned to the factory for problem determination and repair.

The as-built configuration record becomes the as-maintained configuration record as material is replaced on the configuration.

You obtain real-time access to records for both viewing and updating information. You also have access to the customer portal for online tracking of problems and communication with customers about quality issues.

Key customer/field service processes are supported including:

  • Audit Action Requests
  • Quality Improvement Requests
  • Environmental Health & Safety Requests
  • Facilities Action Requests
  • Planning Change Requests
  • Preventive Action Requests
  • Tooling Problem Reports
  • Scrap Cost Tracking
  • Standard Repair/Re-work Process Management
  • Complaint Handling Requests
  • Field Problem Reports
  • Product Hold Management

Quality management is a central responsibility for customer/field service personnel. TIPQA™ provides the information and access you need to effectively manage the process.