Quality and manufacturing processes supported in a single, integrated, paperless system

TIPQA™ is a powerful system for a paperless shop floor execution environment. It manages work instructions, receives work orders from the ERP and has the flexibility to either author routings/operations or receive them from the ERP.

Even if you are using paper-based routers, TIPQA™ can automate quality inspections, resulting nonconformance processing, and the creation and recording of traceable components. Further, our configuration and traceability capabilities result in an as-built and/or as-maintained configuration with quality history.

Additional manufacturing-related processes that are supported include:

  • Audit Action Requests
  • Quality Improvement Requests
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Facilities Action Requests
  • Planning Change Requests
  • Preventive Action Requests
  • Product Hold Management
  • Scrap Cost Tracking
  • Failure Chaining and Root Cause
  • Tooling Problem Reports
  • Engineering Change Order / Design Failure
  • Custom Rework Process Management
  • Standard Repair/Rework Process Management

Bottom line? TIPQA™ simplifies and enhances quality management so that you can manufacture with confidence.