Exceptional supplier chain management

TIPQA™ gives you unparalleled control over supplier chain management. Our comprehensive rating system incorporates data on delivery, material quality and timeliness in performing audit-driven corrective actions. Each supplier’s data is available through easy-to-read scorecards. This information is shared with the ERP system for efficient dissemination throughout the organization.

In addition, real-time communication and collaboration are enabled through our supplier portal. Suppliers can process nonconformances and supplier corrective actions and submit source inspection results for greater efficiency. Correction actions are often driven by linked suppier audits performed in TIPQA™. Information can be quickly shared for further productivity gains.

With enhanced supplier rating capabilities and leading-edge collaboration tools, you will find that supplier chain management is simpler and more effective than ever before.

Suppliers play a crucial role in quality management. TIPQA™ provides the tools you need for effective supplier chain management.

For more information on Supplier Performance Management, request a copy of our eBook, “Effective Supplier Performance Management: Why Visibility into Your Supply Chain is Vital to Success”

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