Software that supports your quality process 100%

TIPQA™ was developed for industries with the most stringent quality requirements. As a result, our application provides exceptional functionality and flexibility.

TIPQA™ supports a broad cross section of internal and supplier quality process needs – from initial material order from the supplier through final product shipment and field support.

Our software manages inspection types throughout the ordering, manufacturing and support processes. Dispositioning of material is facilitated within a single nonconformance database with configurable code creation to support streamlined problem identification, resolution and metrics. Tools are tracked and skill levels are enforced throughout the product lifecycle to ensure quality and compliance.

Our system enables you to effectively manage audits, corrective actions, documents and training.

Additional quality-specific processes that are supported include:

  • Product Hold Management
  • Scrap Cost Tracking
  • Failure Chaining and Root Cause
  • GIDEP Alert Notification
  • Audit Action Requests
  • Complaint Handling Requests
  • Environmental Health & Safety Action Requests
  • Facilities Action Requests
  • Planning Change Requests
  • Quality Improvement Requests
  • Preventive Action Requests
  • Tooling Problem Reports
  • Component Effectivity

Quality management is an ongoing responsibility that extends beyond your walls to both suppliers and customers. TIPQA™ enables you to manage the process in its entirety – with the functionality and flexibility that you need to do it well.