Customer Feedback

Actionable customer feedback.

Managing customer feedback is simple using the data management and processing capabilities of TIPQA™. The system supports the creation of user-definable types such as “complaint types” and “praise types” with the flexibility to create user-defined differentiating codes to support segmentation, metrics and other business needs.

The entire complaint handling workflow is automated from initial receipt through final resolution and closure. Additionally, the complaint handling process is fully integrated with the nonconformance and corrective action processes. This eliminates manual paperwork, minimizes data input, provides control and sequencing of task assignments and enables reporting for quick analysis and action.

For the medical industry, the system is designed to meet the specifications of the MedWatch FDA 3500A report for device manufacturers.

Feature Group Feature

Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Unlimited user-definable nonconformance types
  • Nonconformance types control:
    • Which fields to turn off or make required
    • Routings of approvals
    • Turning off the configurable workflow steps
    • The use of custom task planning
    • The use of task templates
    • The use of popups for specific data capture
    • Physical accountability of MRB inventory
  • User-definable list for:
    • Defect codes
    • Cause codes
    • Disposition codes
    • Defect location
    • Process codes
    • Corrective action codes
    • Complaint codes
  • Code segregation capability by business unit or by NC type
  • Cause codes can be configured to be supplier-rating relevant
  • Configurable workflow based on over 20 years of evolution. Work flow can be simple for documenting preapproved rework or complex to go through a complete MRB process
  • Can have a third-party MES system view or create a nonconformance
  • Can receive nonconformances from third-party system if not using TIPQA™ nonconformance capability
  • Supports depot-level tear down / Retrofit facilities
  • Can enable unique data collection via pop-up screens (utilize existing library of pop-ups or can have TIP program)
  • Restrict access to information by:
    • Export license control (ITAR)
    • Project
    • Customer-defined security groups

Processing Management

  • Supports MRB and defect collection needs
  • Supports multiple defects per nonconformance document
  • Supports revision control of all document status reversals
  • Supports split dispositioning
  • Extensive query options for selecting and viewing open and closed records
  • Embedded correct action option for describing simple corrective actions that do not require approval
  • Nonconformance processing and collaboration with suppliers via the portal
  • Email notification contains hyperlink to directly open the nonconformance
  • Bar code data collection
  • Unlimited text and attachments


  • Failure chain data collection and reporting
  • Automatic failure chaining of removed and replaced material for true root cause failure analysis
  • Root cause analysis and reporting
  • Fracas data collection
  • Extensive on-line reporting, including Pareto analysis with charts
  • Custom task planning creation and approval
  • Task planning, including templates for common processes or rework; can be linked to disposition
  • Corrective action integration – generate a linked corrective action document from a nonconformance
  • Collection with linked SPC capability
  • Final disposition quantity can be sent to ERP
  • Supports the ability for the supplier to generate a nonconformance prior to shipment to serve as deviation or waiver once approved via the supplier portal
  • Overdue notification and escalations
  • Audit trail history tracking
  • Unlimited views of data in grids
  • Data export for ad-hoc reporting and analysis

Quality Awaits

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