Serial Number / UID / Traceable Component

Comprehensive, efficient quality history with as-built / as-maintained configuration records.

TIPQA™ provides an unparalleled genealogy of parts with our as-built / as-maintained configuration records. These records include information on inspection results, nonconformance issues, and traceable elements for a complete, detailed quality history on every item.

As a result, a final inspection/ device approval can be completed for every item. This enables verification that all traceable items have been recorded and that any open nonconformances or other exceptions have been resolved prior to stocking or shipment.

For efficient record creation, serial numbers and lot codes are taken directly from the ERP (when integrated). And for further efficiency, the as-built configuration can be shipped to customers who use TIPQA to become the as-maintained configuration record.

Our rich feature set ensures effective as-built / as-maintained configuration management.

Other configuration and traceability areas covered include:

Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Configuration records can be automatically initiated during serial number assignment process
  • Receive from the ERP the:
    • MBOM
    • Serial number assignment
    • Serial number configuration
    • Work order bill of material
  • Restrict access to information by:
    • Export license control (ITAR)
    • Project
    • Customer-defined security groups
  • Capability to record, validate and/or enforce:
    • Lot code
    • Batch ID
    • Serial number
    • Date code
    • Heat code
    • Part revision
  • Allows for part-number unique or system-wide unique serial numbers
  • Can take full responsibility for managing serial number assignment to prevent duplicates
  • Serial number template can be maintained at the part master level
  • Serial numbers can also be maintained at the part family level
  • Set upper limit on serial numbers to be assigned by part number
  • Track internal and customer serial numbers for each unique item
  • Provide visibility of supplier serial numbers to internal serial numbers and/or date codes
  • Internal serial number to customer serial number cross reference tables
  • UID numbers can be auto generated during serial number assignment
  • Generate UID numbers and labels
  • Automatic generation of UID numbers during serial number assignment process
  • Allows for printing UID labels and confirming the label reads correctly


  • Manual type or scan via barcode traceable item identifiers into the system
  • Bar code data collection
  • Unlimited text and attachments


  • Send back to ERP the serial number assignments
  • Component effectivity visible from BOM
  • Serialized bill of materials
  • Part location tracking (where used) by:
    • Serial number
    • Lot code
    • Date code
    • Heat code
    • UID
  • UID labels can be printed for business identifier, customer identifier, and/or supplier identifier
  • Overdue notification and escalations
  • Audit trail history tracking
  • Unlimited views of data in grids
  • Data export for ad-hoc reporting and analysis

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