Training Management

Effective management of all personnel training requirements.

TIPQA™ training management monitors the relationship between people, roles and skills enabling you to effectively track and enforce skill levels, training and certification requirements.

Initially developed to enforce skill level qualifications for inspection operations and tool usage, our system has evolved into a general class scheduling and notification system. Our powerful system pulls data directly from the ERP to efficiently manage changes in personnel data and to automate reminders and escalations based on the current reporting structure.

Our rich feature set ensures effective management of training issues.

Feature Group Feature

Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Skill level training definition management – class and/or skill requirements, re-certification intervals
  • Personnel master file can be updated from ERP or other system
  • Restrict access to information by:
    • Export license control (ITAR)
    • Project
    • Customer-defined security groups

 Managing / Processing

  • Automatic class scheduling based on position, title, team, shift or other criteria for consistency and efficiency
  • Documentation of skill level assignment
  • Provisions for skill level extensions
  • Automated alerts to employees and supervisors about pending and overdue training


  • Skill level requirements enforced at time of inspection or audit through built-in integration with respective functionality in other areas of the TIPQA™ product.
  • Training class progress reportable by employee, job title, work group, department, division, facility, and location
  • Training and skill level attainment provides objective evidence for internal and external audits preparedness. Information reportable by:
    • employee
    • job title
    • work group
    • department
    • division
    • facility
    • location
  • Overdue notification and escalations
  • Audit trail history tracking
  • Unlimited views of data in grids
  • Data export for ad-hoc reporting and analysis

Quality Awaits

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