Past TUGs

Thanks to everyone who has attended any of these conferences. Through your participation, this conference has evolved into the industry’s leading event in Quality.

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2019:  Las Vegas, NV – April 2-4

Presentation Highlights: Web Environment & Technology, Supplier Quality Collaboration, Continuous Improvement Customer Panel, Temperature Controlled Asset Management, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Group Outing: Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil, Poker Tournament


2017:  Orlando, FL – November 7-10

Presentation Highlights: Supplier Quality Management, Additive Manufacturing Customer Panel, The Strategy of TIPQA Interfaces, Cyber Security, Counterfeit Parts & TIPQA

Group Outing: Universal City Walk & Kennedy Space Center

2016:  Milwaukee, WI – June 14-17

Presentation Highlights:  TIPQA Module Overviews, Show Floor Execution, Supplier Rating/Supplier Portal, and Why is Supplier Quality Critical? Customer Panel Discussion

Group Outing:  Uber Tap Room & Harley Davidson Museum

2014:  New Orleans, LA   –  September 9-12

Presentation Highlights: Use of TIPQA for Compliance & Traceability, Streamline Communication with Software Problem Reporting Module, and Deltek Costpoint Focus Group

Group Outing: Mississippi Steamboat Natchez

2013:  Las Vegas, NV – April 16 – 19

Presentation Highlights: Use of TIPQA for Compliance & Traceability, Streamline Communication with Software Problem Reporting Module, and Deltek Costpoint Focus Group

Group Outing: Las Vegas

2011:  Charlotte, NC – September 27 – 30

Group Outing: Dinner and bowling at Strike City

2010:  San Antonio, TX  –  May 4 – 7

Presentation Highlights: Use of TIPQA for Compliance & Traceability, Streamline Communication with Software Problem Reporting Module, and Deltek Costpoint Focus Group

Group Outing: Dinner and Tour at The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum

2009:  Fort Lauderdale, FL – May 12 – 15

10th Annual Users Group Conference

Presentation Highlights:  Introduction of the Software Problem Reporting module and the TIPQA Customer Portal / Issue Submittal process

Group Outing:  Dinner at Improv Comedy Club / Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL

2008:  Portland, OR – May 6 – 9

Presentation Highlights:  TIPQA Dashboard Usage; TIPQA Test Plans

Representatives from CIMx and acQA Ltd.  Guest speaker:  Glen Fahs, Ph.D, of Cascade Employers Association, gave a presentation on “Managing Multiple Priorities”.

Group Outing:  Dinner and Casino Cruise aboard the Portland Spirit.

2007:  Orlando, FL  –  May 20 – 23

Presentation Highlights:  Introduction of a Master Business Unit into an existing database; Assessing employee training effectiveness – a simple solution to a complex problem; Implementation and use of the Customer Complaint Module; Four concepts of Supplier Quality Management

Representatives from CIMx, Deltek, acQA Ltd.  Guest speaker:  ASQ VP, Grace Duffy, gave a great presentation on “The Forces of Change; a study concerning the future of quality”.

Group Outing:  House of Blues, located in Downtown Disney, adjacent to Pleasure Island. Jake, Elwood and the Stir Crazy band provided lively entertainment, as attendees and guests indulged in delicious southern cuisine.

2006:  Las Vegas, NV – April 30 – May 3

Presentation Highlights:  Use of ODBC to create Ad Hoc Reports; Implementation Round 2 – doing things smarter with the second implementation of TIPQA at a company site; Successful implementation of a division-wide Operator Self Acceptance program utilizing the Audit and NC modules; Medical device company’s use of the Complaint Handling module; Successful method of implementation of the Supplier Rating system to be in line with corporate guidelines

Representatives from CIMx and acQA Ltd.

Group Outing:  Dinner and a Show – Vegas Style.  V – The Ultimate Variety Show.

2005:  Boston, MA – May 15 – 18

Presentation Highlights:  Training Management’s planned enhancements and functionality; How TIPQA Improves Dock to Stock Process; Integration of TIPQA for a Paperless Manufacturing Environment; Trials and Successes of a new TIPQA installation at a company rooted in the AD industry; Transitioning from Multiple Databases to a Single Database with Multiple Business Units

Representatives from AMR Research and CIMx

Group Outing:  Duck Tour of Boston, with dinner at the “Cheers” restaurant.

2004:  San Diego, CA – April 25 – 28

Presentation Highlights:  Usage and Benefits of TIPQA; Gage & Tool Module Usage – A Success Story; Another Success Story – Supplier Rating Usage; Status Reports from Focus Groups on Enhancements, Service/Support, Event Coordination, Complaint Handling, Technology

Group Outing:  Dinner and Music at a Beachside

Gathering: A California Style Barbeque and Party on the Beach

2003:  Nashville, TN – April 27 – 30

Presentation Highlights:  New Version Upgrade Validation Process; Implementation Strategy for Success; Overview of things done right and wrong concerning the implementation of the Gage & Tool Module; Focus Group Status Reports on Enhancements, Service/Support, Technology and Event Coordination; Complaint Handling in v6.1.1 and additions for 6.2; Test Equipment Automated NC Generation Process using the Generic Interface

Group Outing:  Miss Marple’s Mystery Theater and a visit to the Wild Horse Saloon

2002:  New Orleans, LA – May 17 – 19

Presentation Highlights:  Facilitating the ISO 9001:2000 “Process Approach” utilizing TIPQA; CA Process – Multi Site Factory Issues & Supplier Material Review Request Process with Success Metrics; Implementation Issues / Opportunities in an FDA Regulated Environment; Ad Hoc reporting for Failure Diagnosis and Root Cause Determination; Defect Collection via Wireless technology with interface to TIPQA; Configuration Management in SN Module;

Group Outing:  Dinner Cruise on the Natchez Steam Boat with the Dukes of Dixieland Jazz Band

2001:  Las Vegas, NV – April 29 – May 2

All of the participants received valuable insight into how others were utilizing the software and what is planned for the product over the next few months. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to meet and talk with people from different companies using TIPQA.  There were several excellent customer presentations and the TIP presentations on new functionality, along with the demonstration of the Web Enabled product were well received.

2000:  Salt Lake City, UT – June 18 – 21

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