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To access the Issue Reports you will need your company login ID and Password. Your customer portal login will not access the Issue Reports. The Completed Issue Report is a list of ALL issues completed in the current release. This includes enhancements and defects and this list indicates when and where it was fixed (other releases and Project) definitions of the fields in this report can be found on the first page of the spreadsheet. This report is helpful in determining what issues are important to your business and how you should plan around, test and train your users.

Completed Issue Reports
Version Date Released
TIPQA Web 11-Apr-2023
TIPQA Web 07-Mar-2023
TIPQA Web 08-Feb-2023
TIPQA Web 06-Jan-2023
TIPQA Web 04-Nov-2022
TIPQA Web 30-Sep-2022
TIPQA Web 30-Aug-2022
TIPQA Web 25-Mar-2022
TIPQA Web 18-Mar-2022
TIPQA Web 28-Jan-2022
TIPQA Web 29-Oct-2021
TIPQA Web 10-Sep-2021
TIPQA Web 30-Jul-2021
TIPQA Web 23-Jun-2021
TIPQA Web 12-May-2021
TIPQA Web 26-Mar-2021
TIPQA Web 15-Mar-2021
TIPQA Web 18-Feb-2021
TIPQA Web 28-Jan-2021
TIPQA Web 21-Dec-2020
TIPQA Web 01-Nov-2020
TIPQA Web 02-Oct-2020 02-Oct-2020
TIPQA Web 31-Aug-2020
TIPQA Web 02-Jul-2020
7.10.14 15-Jun-2020
TIPQA Web 22-May-2020
TIPQA Web 06-Apr-2020
7.10.13 23-Mar-2020
TIPQA Web 22-Feb-2020
TIPQA Web 20-Jan-2020
TIPQA Web 15-Dec-2019
TIPQA Web 17-Nov-2019
7.10.12 25-Oct-2019
TIPQA Web 22-Oct-2019
TIPQA Web 16-Sep-2019
7.10.11 13-Sep-2019
TIPQA Web 11-Aug-2019
7.10.10 11-Aug-2019
7.10.9 08-Jul-2019
7.10.8 30-Apr-2019
7.10.7 31-Jan-2019
7.10.6 17-Nov-2018
7.10.5 16-Sep-2018
7.10.4 28-Jul-2018
7.10.3 11-May-2018
7.10.2 02-Mar-2018
7.10.1 14-Feb-2018
7.10.0 15-Jan-2018
7.9.15 14-Jun-2018
7.9.14 15-Dec-2017
7.9.13 10-Oct-2017
7.9.12 27-May-2017
7.9.11 24-Feb-2017
7.9.10 27-Jan-2017
7.9.9 07-Jan-2017
7.9.8 02-Dec-2016
7.9.7 18-Nov-2016
7.9.6 28-Oct-2016
7.9.5 10-Oct-2016
7.9.4 16-Sep-2016
7.9.3 26-Aug-2016
7.9.2 05-Aug-2016
7.9.1 14-Jul-2016
7.9.0 05-Jul-2016
7.8.5 30-Sep-2016
7.8.4 12-Aug-2016
7.8.3 25-Jun-2016
7.8.2 25-Apr-2016
7.8.1 04-Mar-2016
7.8.0 24-Nov-2016
7.7.13 20-Jul-2016
7.7.12 06-Jul-2016
7.7.11 16-Jun-2016
7.7.10 01-Jun-2016
7.7.9 16-May-2016
7.7.7 20-Mar-2016
7.7.8 26-Mar-2016
7.7.6 11-Mar-2016
7.7.5 19-Feb-2016
7.7.4 26-Dec-2016
7.7.3 23-Oct-2015
7.7.2 12-Oct-2015
7.7.1 09-Sep-2015
7.7.0 26-Jun-2015
7.6.6 20-Feb-2016
7.6.5 01-Feb-2016
7.6.4 16-Oct-2015
7.6.3 14-Aug-2015
7.6.1hf1 11-Jun-2015
7.6.1 08-May-2015
7.6 03-Dec-2014
7.5.6 01-Feb-2016
7.5.5 30-Oct-2015
7.5.4 07-Aug-2015
7.5.3 06-Jul-2015
7.5.2hf10 13-Mar-2015
7.5.2 17-Sep-2014
7.5.1hf2 13-Mar-2015
7.5.1 28-Jul-2014
7.5 28-May-2014
7.4.2hf1 13-Oct-2014
7.4.2 08-May-2014
7.4.1hf8 01-Oct-2014
7.4.1 07-Feb-2014
7.4 27-Nov-2014
7.3.2hf6 11-Apr-2014
7.3.2 08-Nov-2013
7.3.1hf11 11-Aug-2014
7.3.1 25-Jun-2013
7.3.0hf1 25-Apr-2013
7.3 09-Apr-2013
7.2.3 11-Apr-2013
7.2.1hf4 22-Mar-2013
7.2.1 17-Oct-2012
7.2 17-Oct-2012
7.1.11 18-Jan-2013
7.1.10hf3 24-May-2013
7.1.9hf4 30-Nov-2012
7.1.9 25-Jul-2012
7.1.8hf8 25-Jul-2012
7.1.8 19-Apr-2012
7.1.7 14-Mar-2012
7.1.6 27-Feb-2012
7.1.5hf15 26-Nov-2013
7.1.5 06-Jan-2012
7.1.4hf4 25-Jul-2012
7.1.4 11-Nov-2011
7.1.3 02-Oct-2011
6.8.6hf1 26-Apr-2012
6.8.6 16-Dec-2011

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