Work Smarter with Shop Floor Solution Mobile Tablet Access

TIPSFS™ Shop Floor Solution helps customers implement best practices in quality while eliminating paper, and integrating continuous improvement techniques to ensure products meet the highest industry standards.

TIPSFS can be delivered on various platforms for shop floor convenience, and provides users web access to critical quality information at the enterprise level, in a single repository to increase productivity.

Wireless, browser-based access to the TIPQA application for shop related inspection transactions takes the user to the work! Immediate real-time access greatly increases productivity and saves valuable time within the TIPQA In-Process Inspection (IP), Serial/Traceable Configurations (SN), and Nonconformance Tracking (NC) modules. TIPSFS supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and takes advantage of the existing TIPQA solution to provide the means for rapid deployment.

TIPSFS allows users mobile access to view quality data associated to a work order, all on a single screen.

TIPSFS provides many benefits to the organization including:

  • Paperless shop floor environment
  • Increased productivity on the manufacturing shop floor
  • Improved quality of product through easier real time access to quality data
  • Reduction in labor cost
  • Better decision making through real-time reporting
  • Accelerated time to market

Quality Awaits

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