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Software Development Issues Tracking - January 29Supplier Audits & Surveys - February 12Internal, ISO, AS9100D & IATF Compliance Audits - February 26Tool Problem Reporting - March 12Part-based Supplier Approval - March 26

Webinar Descriptions

Tuesday, January 29 – 12:00 pm

Software Development Issues Tracking

Join us for an overview of the setup, processing, and functionality of the Software Problem Reporting module.

Tuesday, February 12 – 12:00 pm

Supplier Audits & Surveys

This TIP Talk session will cover the use of the Audit Module for performing supplier audits and surveys. See how to configure each and how the Audit Module can update the Supplier Master status based on those audit results.

Tuesday, February 26 – 12:00 pm

Internal, ISO, AS9100 & IATF Compliance Audits

Did you know that as well as tracking audits you initiate, the Audit Module can be used to track and document audits at your facility when your company is being audited? This TIP Talk will review configuring the audit module for these types of audits.

Tuesday, March 12 – 12:00 pm

Tool Problem Reporting

When a tool has a problem or comes back from Metrology Out Of Tolerance, this TIP Talk will show how the Gage and Tool Module can be used to easily report which measurement a tool was used for so evaluating the impact of the OOT device is fast and simple.

Tuesday, March 26 – 12:00 pm

Part Based Supplier Approval

Join us for this TIP Talk where we will look at setting up and approving suppliers on a part based approval process.

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