Eliminate paper work orders and routings

Paper-based travelers can be eliminated by enabling TIPQA™’s work order and routings management capabilities. For maximum productivity, our system integrates with third-party systems such as ERPs and manufacturing execution systems.

Routing can be authored in TIPQA™ or received from an ERP or MES. Repair order or work order close verification can be sent to an MES. Operators can clock on and off on a single screen for simple recording, and this information can be made available to a third-party system for processing.

Everything about the work order and routings process is simpler and more efficient with TIPQA™.

Our rich feature set ensures effective work order, routings and operation management.

Feature Group Feature

 Setup & Configurability

  • Author routings
  • Author work order specific routings
  • Publish electronic paperless routings
  • Receive from the ERP:
    • Routings / Operations
    • Work order
    • Work order picklist
    • Work order specific routings/operations
  • Control of operation step completion order if desired
  • Restrict access to information by:
    • Export license control (ITAR)
    • Project
    • Customer-defined security groups

Data Entry

  • Record completions electronically
  • Print work order for paper-based execution
  • Clock-on clock-off screen buttons for simple time recording for use with a third-party system
  • Bar code data collection
  • Unlimited text and attachments


  • Overdue notification and escalations
  • Audit trail history tracking
  • Unlimited views of data in grids
  • Data export for ad-hoc reporting and analysis
  • Third-party MES system can interrogate TIPQA™ for repair order close verification
  • Third-party MES system can interrogate TIPQA™ for work order close verification