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Aerospace Quality Management System (QMS)

The TIPQA Quality Management System was initially developed to meet the exacting needs of the aerospace and defense industry. TIPQA was among the first aerospace QMS systems to offer full functionality as an out-of-the-box solution yet was highly configurable to an organization’s specific business processes. Today, in addition to being the leading aerospace quality management system, TIPQA is also used throughout discrete manufacturing industries that need to adhere to strict regulatory, compliance and customer quality requirements.

TIP Technologies is proud to claim proud to claim 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 Aerospace & Defense companies as TIPQA users. Organizations up and down the A&D supply chain also use the TIPQA aerospace quality management system to ensure delivery of the highest quality products.

Leading A&D manufacturers use the TIPQA aerospace QMS to improve operations:

  • Aircraft manufacturers / General aviation
  • Helicopters / rotorcraft
  • Engines
  • Missiles
  • Drones
  • Commercial spacecraft
  • Unmanned aircraft systems
  • Satellites
  • Defense systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Component/parts manufacturers

The TIPQA aerospace quality management system helps companies achieve these important quality objectives that lead to significant competitive advantage:

Complete Product Traceability of Parts

TIPQA offers quality assurance for companies who configure complex products. Using the TIPQA aerospace quality management system, managers are able to gain complete visibility into the production of every part, sub-assembly, and final assembly to help identify quality issues before they become a problem. TIPQA provides complete traceability of parts both bought and built, and quality is assured at all tiers supported by a documented audit trail.  Quality records include associated as-built/as-maintained configuration records from nonconformance dispositioning.  Full visibility into the product lifecycle provides genealogy for all material that is easily accessible anywhere in the enterprise.

Full Industry Compliance

TIP Technologies has saved millions of dollars for its customers by ensuring that every part they and their suppliers manufacture, meets strict compliance requirements. The TIPQA aerospace quality system supports important compliance regulations such as FRACAS, AS9100D, ISO9000 and other industry requirements in an electronic format, including all signature requirements ranging from simple defects through full material review board for both procurement and manufacturing related activities. TIPQA aerospace QMS facilitates compliance to DoD requirements for Counterfeit Parts Avoidance, Mitigation, and Disposition, as well as DMSMS diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages. TIP Technologies partners with government agencies and industry associations to ensure the needs of the market are met through its TIPQA aerospace quality management system, and currently holds seats on the board of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the Commercial Space Federation (CSF).

Supply Chain Control

TIPQA helps manufacturers in the aerospace & defense industry produce high-quality aircraft, machinery or components and successfully address the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace. To remain resilient to reputational risk, quality must extend throughout the supply chain. Supplier metrics and automated supplier scorecards available within the TIPQA aerospace quality management system provide full visibility into supplier performance and allow manufacturers to hold suppliers accountable for poor performance. Counterfeit part occurrences can also be greatly reduced with the ability to track and inspect components and subassemblies.

Business Process Automation

TIP Technologies provides solutions to automate processes critical to success in the aerospace and defense industry with the real-time visibility needed to effectively control costs, minimize compliance risk and improve overall product quality.

The TIPQA aerospace quality management system has built-in process automation that will put your mind at ease and greatly reduce risk. With an effective plan in place, you can consistently meet customer requirements and exceed the expectations of your shareholders.

Some of the key quality processes that can be automated with the TIPQA aerospace quality management system include:

  • Corrective Action/ Preventative Action (CAPA)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Inspection Management
  • Returned Materia Process (RMA)
  • Audit Management
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
  • Shop Floor Execution

The TIPQA aerospace quality management system with shop floor execution capabilities will allow companies to efficiently manage daily production processes on the shop floor and automate quality compliance with a single solution. Complete visibility into the inspection process and inspection documentation history allows manufacturing and quality teams to work together for greater control of the manufacturing process, and immediately identify potential for costly errors without slowing down production. Quality data can be merged with a company’s ERP solution to create a “single source of the truth” or a true picture of what is happening within the organization.

Sophisticated user access controls allow managers to control who sees data or performs operations as at certain levels such as project level or ITAR control level.  All required skill levels for the FAA, EASA and other certification requirements for employees are validated within the aerospace quality management system as being fully trained, qualified and certified. The aerospace QMS can be set to control who can approve device/flight line buyoffs or MRB approvals. These advanced level controls unavailable in many other quality solutions, help effectively control the complex requirements of the industry.

Aviation, space and defense leaders across the globe choose the TIPQA aerospace quality management system to achieve industry compliance and strengthen brand repu­tation through higher quality products. In an industry that is faced with tight deadlines, shorter production cycles, expensive materials, and human safety issues, it is imperative a company choose a solution that can help its leaders proactively track quality, ensure the security of sensitive data, and accurately track the quality manufacturing process. The TIPQA aerospace quality management system has been proven to deliver on these promises by providing a comprehensive and systematic approach to drive quality throughout the organization. TIPQA can be implemented for most in a matter of months – a rapid deployment that sets the aerospace quality management solution apart from its competitors.

Contact TIP Technologies today to begin improving operational responsiveness and delivering high quality products, while reducing the occurrence of safety incidents.

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