Links to Helpful Quality Resources

For companies is highly regulated industries, quality is critical. Faced with an evolving global marketplace and regulations that continue to change, these companies are challenged to keep up with the latest in quality assurance.  Access to quality resources is essential to staying in the loop and emerging as a strong competitor.

We’ve compiled a list of quality resources for easy reference. The following links contain helpful quality tips and industry information.

General Quality Resources

Quality Magazine – Quality reports on the quickly advancing landscape of quality assurance and process improvement. Quality Magazine’s content provides general and technical information and is a great place to stay up to date with the industry.

Where to start:

Making Quality a Priority – 2017 lent some invaluable knowledge to the future of quality assurance. Quality Magazine translates this data into an informational look at the importance of quality.

The Opportunities and Challenges of the Industrial Internet of Things – A great article detailing the how the buzz and advancements of IoT effect quality assurance

Safety and Health Magazine – This publication, brought to you by the National Safety Council, tackles the policy behind occupational safety. A must read for those looking to keep up with the latest regulatory news.

Where to start:

2017 Rising Stars of Safety – A spotlight on seven people making great contributions to the world of workplace safety.

Speaking of Safety – A great article about socializing workplace safety within an organization. Sometimes a conversation is all you need to reduce preventable death and injury.

LNS Research – A research firm working to bridge the gap between industry and digital technology with a focus on quality. In addition to an extensive catalog of research, LNS provides a technical blog with great information.

Where to start:

4 Mistakes in Your Quality Business Case – This article details the four most common mistakes made when making a business case for quality. Very informational for those looking to lead their organization toward quality as a business necessity.

7 Reasons to Insist on Accurate, Real-Time Quality Data – Valuable information on leveraging your organization’s data to improve quality.

Quality Digest – Quality Digest provides articles and news about the quality industry and provides helpful tips on quality standards, manufacturing quality, statistical process control, metrology and more.

Where to start:

Building the Story of Quality – This article explains the importance of an integrated quality system and consistent quality practices across the enterprise.

Applying Risk Based Thinking to Operations – A good start to understanding the importance of implementing risk-based thinking within the enterprise. Common tools for risk management are detailed and ISO standards outlined.

ASQ – The Global Voice of Quality. ASQ provides in-depth information, training, and a thriving community to champion quality and continuous improvement in industry. ASQ is the leading resource for quality training and certifications.

Where to start:

The Rising Economic Power of Quality – This research-based whitepaper is an important addition to any quality leader’s library. Included are real-world case studies of businesses finding real business value in quality management.

ISO9000 and Audits – Engaging video segment on quality compliance. This clip explains the steps necessary to prepare for an ISO9000 audit.

Quality Resources by Industry

Aerospace and Defense

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics – AIAA is a primary source on the Aerospace manufacturing industry. News, community, journals, and other resources are provided.

Where to start:

2017 Year in Review – A definitive compilation of articles addressing the past present and future of the aerospace industry in 2017.

DCMA – The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is a great reference for companies looking to facilitate compliance with government contractors.

Manufacturing – A great resource for the manufacturing industry, providing up-to-date news, guides, and educational materials.

Where to start:

Five Trends For The Future Of Manufacturing – A blow by blow snapshot of technological innovations poised to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Isn’t Dead, It’s Evolving – The manufacturing industry is changing at breakneck speed. This article provides several methods for keeping pace.