Business Processes

Quality assurance throughout your business processes

TIP Technologies provides quality assurance functionality throughout your business processes and encompasses what is typically done in an MES or shop floor execution system. Process areas covered by the TIPQA™ system are:

Inspection Management

With TIPQA, inspections are completed accurately and efficiently by qualified personnel. TIPQA gives you the ability to create user-defined inspection types and plans that control information requirements and use customized pop-ups by inspection type to capture unique information for departments and/or customers. The inspection management areas covered are:

Disposition Management

Managing nonconforming material is a core quality process and a key capability within the TIPQA system. TIPQA enables the process to be managed throughout the part’s lifecycle from supplier to receiving, manufacturing, device approval, returns, and even in the field.

See Disposition Management:

General Quality

TIP Technologies built one of the first quality management software applications. Functionality extends to meet the needs of different aspects and departments in the quality ecosystem including suppliers, engineering, manufacturing and field service. Our system organizes quality-specific functionality into the areas of:

Supplier Quality

TIPQA gives you a path to secure communication and unparalleled control over your supply chain. Our comprehensive rating system incorporates data on delivery, material quality, and timeliness. Real-time supplier collaboration is possible with TIPQA. Our portal enables suppliers to process nonconformances and corrective actions directly within our application. In addition, if suppliers perform source inspections, they can submit results through the portal for review at receiving. The portal enables simplified and accurate dissemination of information Each supplier’s data is available through easy-to-read scorecards. Suppliers play a crucial role in quality management. TIPQA provides the tools you need for effective supplier chain management in the following areas:

Shop Floor Execution

TIPQA shop floor software enables a paperless shop floor environment. Built upon our traditional shop floor footprint in the areas of inspection and as-built configuration record management (including quality history), electronic work instructions are authored in the system. Our shop floor software not only enhances productivity, but it also integrates shop floor data with quality data for a comprehensive and efficient approach to quality throughout the organization. The shop floor areas covered are:

Configuration and Traceability

TIPQA gives you the power and flexibility to create, record, query and manage traceability requirements driven by compliance and quality. Our system enables you to manage quality throughout the life of each part, assembly and finished product and meet regulatory, quality and customer demands. The configuration and traceability areas covered are:

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