QMS Quality Management Solution

TIPQA™ is a flexible, yet complete QMS quality management solution for manufacturers who view quality as a competitive advantage.

Use of the TIPQA quality management solution has resulted in proven, documented success by countless companies that demand delivery of highly regulated, quality products. TIP Technologies has more expertise in understanding complex quality business processes in a regulated manufacturing environment than any other solution pro­vider.

The TIPQA quality management solution allows its users to remain agile, allowing them to adapt to ever-changing markets and quality requirements. TIP Technologies continuously develops its quality management system, integrating new features that have been identified through our strong customer partnerships. When you invest in TIPQA, you can be confident that the solution has been designed with your needs in mind. We combine our years of experience with the latest technologies, to ensure we deliver an innovative quality solution that is unmatched by competitors.

TIPQA is now completely web-enabled and can be installed either on-premise or in a hosted environment. Our TIPQA quality management system consists of many flexible modules designed to support core business processes and allow for ever-changing markets and quality requirements. Companies can easily configure the solution to meet their needs.

TIPQA Provides:

  • Real-time Access to Quality & Manufacturing Data
  • Control Over User Access
  • Automation of critical quality processes
  • Visibility into Costs
  • Effective collaboration with suppliers
  • Complete traceability of parts – both bought and built
  • Automated reminders

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Ease of Ownership Packages

TIPQA now has three Ease of Ownership configurations that make it easy to find exactly what works for your company, and get you up and running in no time.

TIPQA Essential

Need to start small with only the essential elements of quality including non-conformance, inspection and reporting? The TIPQA Essential configuration provides a fast and easy to use quality process tool set.  Based on the experience of more than 800,000 users of the TIPQA quality management solution product for more than 25 years, our Subject Matter Experts (SME) have created a best business practices configuration to get your quality team up and running in less than 5 business days. Through Computer Based and Virtual Training, your team will have access to our team to make sure that your go-live is flawless.  As your requirements grow based on your needs, or the demands of your customers, your investment is protected and applied to a logical upgrade path that includes additional functionality and work processes.

TIPQA Preferred

Most clients start with the processes and functionality contained within our most popular EoO offering, the TIPQA Preferred configuration. The ability to support multiple business units and unique business processes by business, supplier, or customer unit make this the ideal solution. With the support of our fully seamless integration to SAP, ORACLE, DELTEK, and our standard interface capabilities, TIPQA provides real-time exchange of critical data between QMS and manufacturing systems. Whether you have two, or hundreds of people needing to use a comprehensive QMS, this offering gives you a world class solution.

TIPQA Enterprise

The TIPQA Enterprise configuration provides all of the sophistication required by regulated industries, including the Aerospace & Defense, Medical Device, Oil & Gas, and Automotive markets.  In addition to all of the functionality delivered in the TIPQA Preferred configuration, the TIPQA Enterprise configuration provides a robust solution to enable companies to collaborate and manage sophisticated quality management on a global basis. The complete suite of integrated quality management modules is included to support the full range of quality assurance functions.

TIPQA Software Modules

The TIPQA suite of software modules optimize quality management. Every aspect of the quality assurance process is covered through a series of modules that can be implemented in full or in part, at once or over time.

Software modules increase accuracy, maximize efficiency and provide consistency across departments and processes by ensuring that everyone is using the same data. Yet they are flexible enough be configured to meet your organization’s business model and procedures.


Audit Management

The audit management module supports all internal and external audits, ensuring compliance with ISO, MIL Standard and other regulatory requirements. Within this module, you can establish any number of audit types and build criteria with weighting factors, if desired. Once established, appropriate quality assurance audit schedules can be generated. The system will then provide real-time tracking of audit completions. The audit module documents the history of quality assurance audits as they are accomplished and records any corrective actions associated with those audits.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire audit management process.


Complaint Handling

TIPQA provides a comprehensive customer complaint handling system. Two versions are provided within the software suite: standard (appropriate for all non-medical manufacturers) and medical (designed to meet the specifications of the MedWatch FDA 3500A report which can be produced on demand). Both versions automate the entire complaint handling workflow from complaint receipt through final resolution and closure. And they are fully integrated with the nonconformance and corrective action modules to:

  • minimize data input
  • control and sequence task assignments
  • enhance reporting capabilities

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports all aspects of complaint handling.


Corrective Action

TIPQA provides an automated process for resolving quality problems with a formal, closed-loop, corrective action / preventative action system. This comprehensive module documents the history of corrective actions from request through follow-up and closure. It includes the Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System (FRACAS). An automatic e-mail capability provides notifications when corrective actions are:

  • coming due for response
  • overdue for response
  • completed

These e-mail notifications can be escalated up the management chain as needed to ensure prompt completion of corrective actions.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire corrective action process.


Gage and Tool

This TIPQA module automates procedures for calibrating and tracking tools and gages. Users can scan bar-coded serial numbers on tools and gages as well as employee ID numbers to locate, issue, return, calibrate and report on tools and gages. In addition, the software ensures that tools are prevented from being used that are due for calibration. Included is an inventory control system that enables the tracking of consumable materials as well.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire gage and tool management process.


In-Process Inspection

The in-process inspection module simplifies the entire inspection process. It is used to enter and maintain inspection and test criteria for all processed parts. With it, you will have a complete online history of inspection and test results at the part number or part number/part revision level. You can create user-defined inspection types that control information requirements and use customized pop-ups within inspection types to capture unique information for departments and/or customers.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire inspection management process.



This module helps ensure that proper action is taken on all nonconforming materials by automating the identification and processing of nonconforming material in manufacturing and engineering operations. It replaces cumbersome multipart forms by providing a fully documented history of nonconforming material. The software gives you the flexibility to create different nonconformance types with specific field requirements and visibility – and configure approvals and escalations accordingly. (Different nonconformance types are typically created for each type of inspection as well as for specific gage or tool-related problems.) Task planning can also be activated by type to meet the need for situation-specific material disposition such as re-work or teardown.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire material disposition process.


Receiving Inspection

This module enables all receiving inspection data to be recorded in real time. With inspection information entirely online, results can be viewed by other departments such as purchasing, quality assurance and engineering. This module is highly configurable to conform to your organization’s established standard procedures.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire inspection management process


Serialized Test Inspection

The serialized test and inspection module automates the inspection of all traceable items. Operators can:

  • manually enter or scan bar-coded serial and part numbers as well as other traceable items
  • select user-defined defect codes
  • enter other relevant inspection results

This information is aggregated together into the as-built configuration record that includes all traceable items. A final inspection / device approval step is performed before the part is moved to stock. This ensures that all traceable component information is recorded and that no exceptions exist such as open nonconformances.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire configuration and traceability management process.


Supplier Rating

The supplier rating module provides the most powerful supplier rating features available in a quality assurance application. The module manages certification and bid awards and provides support for best value decisions. Our quality management solution combines delivery, quality and vendor response/action data into a blended performance supplier rating. Sophisticated user set-up parameters enable you to tailor the supplier rating calculation to fit your company’s business model. Ratings are calculated at the supplier, supplier commodity code and supplier part level. Detailed backup data for all decisions about suppliers can be easily maintained. Report cards, or rating letters, are user-defined and can include performance targets and trend data. Corrective action documentation can be printed and automatically emailed to the entire supplier base.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire supplier rating process.


Training Management

The training management module helps to ensure accurate recording of employee certifications and training. It enables you to define and track skill levels at both the organizational and employee level. This quality management solution module simplifies the assignment of employee skill levels for use across multiple modules. It provides an audit trail that identifies skill level assignment modifications by person and date. In addition, it provides automated early warning email notification to the employee and supervisor when skills with predetermined expiration dates are due for re-certification.

Learn more about how this quality assurance software module supports the entire training and skill management process.

TIPQA ERP/MES Integration

Quality and Manufacturing Execution Systems Add Critical Functionality to ERP

TIPQA is now the preferred complementary quality management solution to the largest ERP software systems including Deltek Costpoint, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Traditional large ERP customers are faced with a costly dilemma. If they try to use a generic quality management solution QMS “Light” offered by their ERP vendor, they are expected to pay for extensive modifications and customization, and wait months before a quality solution can be put into place.  In the end, the software does not come close to the power and flexibility of a TIPQA quality management solution, which is specifically designed to support the full range of a company’s quality initiatives. ERP customizations can hinder the ability to stay synched with the release cycle and require a heavy level of re-writes anytime database changes are required.

TIPQA integrates seamlessly with a company’s ERP. Multiple named interfaces are available for use with many of the other enterprise resource planning solutions that are used in the aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturing markets. TIP Technologies also has extensive experience using its Generic Interface and integration tools to support almost any ERP, MRP, or MES system.

TIP Technologies has the integrated solutions to provide the level of control, compliance, and risk mitigation assistance that is expected by your management team.

Quality Awaits

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