Welcome to TIP Technologies, Inc. Support

The purpose of this section of our website is to enhance the support services available to our customers. We’ve provided resources here to help you download the most current released versions of our products and documentation, as well as requirements.

TIP Technologies, Inc. provides Customer Support to registered customers only. To access TIPQA™ support downloads, you will need your company-wide login ID and Password. Your customer portal login will not access any TIPQA™ downloads section.

TIPQA™ Support Types & Hours

The Service Level provided is based on Support Type purchased (Basic or Premium) defining coverage and response time by Priority Rating for your support requests. All customers have basic coverage. If you would like to obtain off shift coverage please contact sales for more information.

Shift Coverage “Basic” “Premium”
Standard Shift Monday through Friday: 8 am – 5 pm Central Time, excluding Holidays Yes Yes
Off Hours Shift Time outside of “Standard Shift” No Yes – For Priority “0” & “1” issues only

Support Method of Contact

The methods for contacting TIPQA™ support differ based on Standard Shift and Off Hours coverage.

Standard Shift Off Hours
Via the Customer Portal ( http://portal.tiptech.com ) and optionally a call to the Support Line at 1-844-244-3823 during normal working hours or are not getting the service you expect. Via the Customer Portal ( http://portal.tiptech.com ) to enter issue detail AND a call to the Support Line 1-844-244-3823 to engage support. Be sure to leave a voicemail as this is escalated to TIP Support personnel.

Service Level Based on Priority

The Service Level based on Priority defines expected response times for issues submitted. Please review the following PDF for details. Service Level Commitments

Problem Escalation

If you require alternative means for resolving your issue, not getting the service you expected please email us at support@tiptech.com, or see the chart above for information on how to contact a support by phone.

To access TIPQA™ Downloads, you will need your company login ID and Password. Your customer portal login will not access any TIPQA™ downloads section.