TIPSFS Shop Floor Solution Provides Inspectors Mobile Tablet Functionality

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  • December 16, 2016

MILWAUKEE, Dec. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — TIP Technologies, the leading provider of Quality, Compliance, and Shop Floor Execution (SFE) software, is pleased to announce the availability of its new Shop Floor Solution, TIPSFS. TIPSFS leverages wireless connectivity to bridge the communication gap between managers, quality engineers, and inspection personnel. Browser-based tablet access to the TIPQA™ In-Process Inspection (IP), Serial/Traceable Configurations (SN), and Nonconformance Tracking (NC) modules provides greater visibility into the manufacturing process, enabling better decision making through real-time reporting.

“Inspectors, manufacturing personnel, shop floor supervisors, or any user that requires access to the quality record associated to shop floor operations, will now have the flexibility to move throughout the shop floor while maintaining continuous wireless access to critical, real-time quality data,” said Badri Balachandar, Director of Engineering at TIP Technologies. “Our customers have been asking for a web-based solution that delivers quality data with ease, and we believe that TIPSFS will meet that need at the high standard they’ve come to expect from TIP Technologies.”


“TIPSFS presents fundamental quality and manufacturing metrics in a user-friendly format that is accessible directly from the shop floor, resulting in the ability to better anticipate exceptions in quality,” stated Ron Dolan, President of TIP Technologies. “Mobile tablet access will enable users to take a more proactive approach to quality management, giving them a significant edge on their competition.”

As a complement to the TIPQA Quality Management Solution, use of the TIPSFS Shop Floor Solution is expected to result in a smarter workflow, and improved overall product quality.

For a demo of the new TIPSFS Shop Floor Solution, please contact us at (262) 544-1211.

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