Gage and Tool

Unsurpassed gage and tool capabilities.

TIPQA™ offers the most extensive gage and tool management capabilities available for calibration, tool tracking and preventive maintenance. Unlike typical gage and tool-only applications, TIPQA integrates usage with inspection results to provide comprehensive inspection records. Our software also ensures that tools are not out of calibration and that operators have the necessary skills prior to inspection and/or measurement.

User-definable tool types can be created including consumable inventory, durable tools, government-owned equipment and test stations. Location and inventory levels can be tracked using the checkout/check-in functionality.

Preventive maintenance intervals can be scheduled and performed by type created.

Feature Group Feature

Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Unlimited user-definable tool types:
    • Durable tools, government-owned equipment, test equipment/machines, test station/sub tools, consumable inventory
  • Type options (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi/annually, as well as uses) to track requirements in varying time periods
  • Tool family grouping
  • Definable test station hierarchy
  • Tool number record creation
  • Automated email notification for tool check in and/or calibration recall
  • Automated overdue tool check-in notification
  • Automated recall system with automatic email notification
  • Restrict access to information by:
    • Export license control (ITAR)
    • Project
    • Customer-defined security groups

 Input & Creation

  • Data from audits, nonconformance’s, statistical process control and complaints flow into corrective action
  • Supports creation of CA from third-party MES via XML
  • Supports linking of documents to corrective action
  • Corrective action plan creation
  • Bar code data collection
  • Unlimited text and attachments


  • Linked nonconformance created for gage and tool rework/repairs
  • Gage repeatability and reproducibility analysis
  • Significant out of tolerance investigation (GT, RI, IP, SN)
  • Tool repair history tracking
  • Integration with inspection and shop floor capabilities to ensure tools are not used that are out of calibration or due for calibration
  • Overdue notification and escalations
  • Audit trail history tracking
  • Unlimited views of data in grids
  • Data export for ad-hoc reporting and analysis

Tools Tracking

  • Consumable tool and reorder point / inventory tracking
  • Consumable inventory and issued to/from transactions
  • Tool checkout and location tracking
  • Tracking of items sent out for calibration
  • Tracking of government- or customer-owned material
  • Tool recording and validation at inspection and in manufacturing

Calibration Management

  • Calibration work instruction creation
  • Preview of criteria requirements prior to inspection
  • Skill level adjustable for inspection steps
  • Reduced / tightened frequency setup options
  • Automated calibration scheduling and frequency adjustment
  • Recording of standards used for calibration
  • Calibration certification letter(s)
  • Third-party tool records (including calibration history, usage and inspection results) importable via interface

 Preventive Maintenance

  • Customizable interval options (e.g. miles, hours, cycles, etc.) along with maintenance details that update capabilities at the process/transactional levels
  • Multiple preventive inspections can be combined into one record
  • Specific and/or common preventive maintenance criteria may be related to customized inspection plans

Quality Awaits

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