TIP Technologies is pleased to introduce its new Ease of Ownership (EoO) Offerings. Based on market demands, TIPQA™ products and services have been strategically aligned to enable all tiers of discrete manufacturing the opportunity to adopt a TIP Technologies solution. Companies are not the same in their need for quality management. Budgets differ, business requirements and usage vary by organization, and long term strategies are diverse. Our mission is to meet the needs of all types of manufacturers; from the small organization that supplies tier 1 Fortune 1000 manufacturers, to the company that makes components that are delivered to other organizations for subassemblies, to the global enterprise with hundreds of locations around the globe. TIP Technologies now has three Ease of Ownership configurations that make it easy to find exactly what works for your company, and get you up and running in no time.

TIPQA™ Essential

Need to start small with only the essential elements of quality including non-conformance, inspection and reporting? The TIPQA™ Essential configuration provides a fast and easy to use quality process tool set.  Based on the experience of more than 800,000 users of the TIPQA™ product for more than 25 years, our Subject Matter Experts (SME) have created a best business practices configuration to get your quality team up and running in less than 5 business days. Through Computer Based and Virtual Training, your team will have access to our team to make sure that your go-live is flawless.  As your requirements grow based on your needs, or the demands of your customers, your investment is protected and applied to a logical upgrade path that includes additional functionality and work processes.

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TIPQA™ Preferred

Most clients start with the processes and functionality contained within our most popular EoO offering, the TIPQA™ Preferred configuration. The ability to support multiple business units and unique business processes by business, supplier, or customer unit make this the ideal solution. With the support of our fully seamless integration to SAP, ORACLE, DELTEK, and our standard interface capabilities, TIPQA™ provides real-time exchange of critical data between QMS and manufacturing systems. Whether you have two, or hundreds of people needing to use a comprehensive QMS, this offering gives you a world class solution.

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TIPQA™ Enterprise

The TIPQA™ Enterprise configuration provides all of the sophistication required by regulated industries, including the Aerospace & Defense, Medical Device, Oil & Gas, and Automotive markets.  In addition to all of the functionality delivered in the TIPQA™ Preferred configuration, the TIPQA™ Enterprise configuration provides a robust solution to enable companies to collaborate and manage sophisticated quality management on a global basis. The complete suite of integrated quality management modules is included to support the full range of quality assurance functions.

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