TIPQA™ is now the preferred, high powered complementary solution to the largest ERP software systems including Deltek Costpoint, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Traditional large ERP customers are faced with a costly dilemma. If they try to use a generic QMS “Light” offered by their ERP vendor, they are expected to pay for extensive modifications and customization, and wait months before a quality solution can be put into place.  In the end, the software does not come close to the power and flexibility of a TIPQA™ solution, which is specifically designed to support the full range of a company’s quality initiatives. ERP customizations can hinder the ability to stay synched with the release cycle and require a heavy level of re-writes anytime database changes are required.

TIPQA™ has multiple named interfaces available for use with many of the other ERP solutions that are used in the aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturing markets. Please contact TIP Technologies to see if your ERP solution is supported. TIP Technologies also has extensive experience using its Generic Interface and integration tools to support almost any ERP, MRP, or MES system.

While Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing was the birthplace of TIPQA™ over 25 years ago and remains a primary focus, Medical Device Manufacturing and highly regulated, complex manufacturing industry sectors are growing market segments. Our immediate interest is to continue to extend our alliances and partnerships with industry leading ERP vendors and their customers to address both the complex discrete industrial manufacturing market and the medical device market.

We understand that regulatory and compliance requirements may be growing by an estimated 25% over the next year, according to the National Association of Government Contractors (October 26th, 2014.) TIP Technologies has the solutions to provide the level of control, compliance, and risk mitigation assistance that is expected by your management team.